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“What will it take…

to turn concepts into quality proposals?”

In 2014, I rode the Multiple Sclerosis Society Lone Star Chapter’s Annual Houston-to-Austin Ride (the MS150) for the 4th time. To share my efforts to train for this 2-day, 150- mile bike ride, I wrote weekly blog posts.

My working motto comes from the post that best exemplifies my thinking as a grant professional, "What will it take?" (here).

Grant writing is a process of communicating concepts, their worth, and your passion for pursuing the project. I will work with you to assess your needs and to do what it takes to get a quality grant package submitted and to build your capacity to seek funding prospectively. The process of working on grant teams requires understanding not only the subject matter of your proposal, but the operational needs and dynamics of you and your collaborators. 


…to write effectively – for a particular agency and call for proposal, and at a given time.


…into a new way of thinking – in how to select and communicate measurable, achievable goals,
and to present them in a way that is intriguing to the grant reviewers.


…the conventional wisdom and technology – to capture the interest of the review panel, and commitment to pursue an honest critical assessment of the proposal aims and approach, and how these ideas are expressed, whether in words, or often better, in images.


…the quality and integrity of your work and ability to frame objectives – to believe the proposed work should be funded, and to value working with you and your research team to get your projects funded.

 Be Sincere 

…by working as hard and as focused as possible – to achieve a deadline with quality grant product, and to improve critical aspects of the proposal writing process and product.

 Be Creative 

…by seeking new funding opportunities – to make stepwise improvements in your grant proposals and their tactical focus, and to frame a strategy for securing funding for your program.

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